Twit Twoo!

Hi, this is my first ever blog post! I’m quite excited!

Bascially, my name is Bethan and I love to make things and generally being creative. I decided to make this blog to show the world what I have been making and blog about anything vaguely interesting going on in my life.

I’m actually studying A-Level Fashion and Textiles at the moment (as well as Media and English Language) so I’ll be writing about what I’ve been up to recently with that and my EPQ…


Anyway, it was my Mum’s birthday on Sunday and as my sewing skills have dramatically improved over the past 2 years, I decided to make her present as I think it makes it a lot more personal and thoughtful than just buying a generic box of chocolates or flowers (even though that would be nice). I made her this blue owl:


If you want to know how to make it, follow these simple (ish) instructions!


-Two equal sized piece of blue felt (for the owl’s body)

-Two smaller pieces of blue felt for the wings

-Yellow felt for the feet and beak

-White felt for the eyes

-Machine thread

-Embroidery thread (I chose blue and yellow!)


1. Draw out the rough outline of an owl onto one of the larger blue felt pieces


2. Keeping the felt with the outline side up, sew the feet along the bottom edge of the owl. You could fold the blue felt over underneath to keep it neat.


3. Arrange the larger blue felt pieces with the ‘outline’ sides facing outwards.

Then cut around the stitching, leaving plenty of space to allow you to turn it inside out easily.


4. Turn the owl inside out and then hand stitch the eyes on with the dark blue embroidery thread. I stitched stars on, but you could try beads or sew smaller felt circles on instead!

5. Hand stitch the beak on using runner stitch. If I had more time, I would have probably used the machine to sew this and the eyes on before I sewed the body of the owl together, but I quite like how handmade it looks!


6. This bit is optional, but I decided to stitch a small message onto the back of the owl to make it more personal (and I guess it saves you writing a birthday card too, if you like). I though this message was particularly cute…


7. Use stuffing (or fabric scraps or wool) to stuff the owl! I actually used to stuff things that I made with UNUSED toilet paper when I used to make toys for my brother When I was about 9, but that was only because I don’t think we had any stuffing back then 🙂 I wouldn’t advise using that though… Just use a machine to sew along the bottom to seal the stuffing in!
Then use hand stitch to sew the wings on.




So tah-dah! There’s your little owl! I also sewed a bit of embroidery thread onto his (or her) ear so that my Mum could hang him (or her) up somewhere. I really want to make more of these because they’re so cute…


Thanks for reading!

Updates coming soon

Bethan xx